Girls* Reimagining Media Education Into Action

Passive, sexy, pleasing. If a girl* doesn’t fit these narrow definitions of femininity perpetuated by mainstream media and advertising, society says there’s something wrong with her — but what if there’s actually something wrong with the media? In this interactive workshop for youth, we’ll practice questioning the ways that girls* are valued in the media, and defining our own self-worth according to our own values. We’ll defy harmful pressures to be perfect and instead, practice expressing imperfection, complexity, and maybe even silliness. Join About-Face’s two youth interns as we learn that there are many ways to be a girl* — and no matter how we choose to express ourselves, we are enough.

*About-Face welcomes and includes gender-expansive youth. To us, “girls” means self-identified girls, trans girls, gender-expansive youth, gender non-conforming, and non-binary youth.

Aoife Dwan
Grace Kwak